Content Syndication

AIM has been promoting content & assets (digital) for many marketing and technology companies via its multi-channel methodology.

Our outreach is spread across North America, Latin America, UK, Asia Pacific & Middle East

Our Content Distribution services work on the basic premise of ‘generating interest’. Our services stop just short of a direct sales pitch or call to action, but seeks to positively influence your target audience in a desired way. We use multiple channels to get your information out to the right party contact:

Various forms of digital content that we promote includes whitepapers, eBooks, executive briefs, technical papers, newsletters, case studies and of course the second most popular engagement tool – webinars & webcasts.

AIM content distribution services ensures your campaign reaches its top-slot and delivers qualified viewership to your digital asset.

Email Marketing

Our Email marketing services give us most of our best converting campaigns. We handle the complete email EDM design, landing pages, strategy and campaign optimization coordinating with our publishers across the globe to ensure your brand reaches untapped audience.

Being the oldest medium of communication since the internet revolution, it is not only the strongest medium of communication but also an effective lead generation tool.

Our Target audience is segmented to be used in email marketing to reach the right people at the right time.

Providing customized emails to audience as per their choice, enhancing their experience with frequent surveys that respect what they like and what they want.

Our Email marketing service will help you to promote your product & Services in the best possible way, engage and acquire new customers, Build healthy relation with your customers at minimum/Lowest marketing cost.


Telemarketing gives an emotional touch to lead generation. It is engaging people with empathic charm.

It is about putting one’s fingers on the pulse of the target audience and understanding where to put the leads .It engages prospects / customers in a discussion.

We have an in house dedicated telecalling team that will generate the best quality leads backed by our intent powered database. The team breathes telemarketing and reaching potential clients to get you nothing but the best quality leads is their forte. The team contacts decision makers of the company. So, that you can get the most important lead. AIM understands that lead generation is an integral part of any company. The inquiries that we generate are not very raw. We make sure that the company requires your products and services this making sure the conversion ratio and recall value is high.

Appointment Generation

At AIM, we convert prospects into sales-ready appointments by assigning prospect managers to each client. Each prospect manager makes over 600 calls per week. By assigning dedicated teams to set the appointments for your company or campaign, we are able to provide you with all of the benefits of a having a full-time sales team in your corner—minus the costs associated with training, managing, and measuring the performance of in-house employees.

With AIM, you get all of the appointments you need, and take on none of the burdens normally associated with the appointment setting process. If you require services beyond appointment setting, we can even push prospects through the sales funnel and close sales on your behalf.

  • Qualified appointments that yield a very high return on investment
  • Shortened sales cycle; i.e., a greater number of opportunities presented at a faster rate
  • Access to high-level marketing intelligence, including information on prospects’ current challenges, competitor information, and market trends
  • High appointment-to-opportunity conversion rates
  • Ability to keep your sales team selling rather than cold calling
  • Ability to scale campaigns up or down based on needs
  • A closed-loop feedback process and reporting that confirms return on investment